A variety of impulsive gestures like fingers, hands, head or body actions are used to connect to a large number of people. Gestures are also deliberated to be an ordinary communication channel for human-computer communication. Most of our interactions with computers are accomplished with traditional keyboards, mouse and remote panels. Various gesture-based boundaries can serve as an alternative for monitoring computers. Gesture recognition is principally a method of identifying and inferring various movements of the hands, arms, face or at times head. Gesture recognition has now made its place in media and gaming markets and is now intensifying its wings transversely into various other fields. It permits humans and machines to interface more easily. With the technological progression, various low-cost Micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) are interleaved in mobile devices, such as mobile phones and other electronic devices. It provides new potentials for interrelating with various applications.

Gesture recognition works on the basis of some particular sub-sectors which are mentioned:

Existing off-the-shelf solutions

  • A Glove-based gesture recognition system entails of a glove or sensors for data processing and power supply. The glove worn by the user extracts features relating to the configuration of his/her hand together with its movement.
  • Another type is the Vision-based methods that use graphics inputs in order to excerpt the features used in the gesture recognition. It delivers a content feeling of natural interaction to the user.

Numerous vision-based gesture applications for markets such as TV, gaming, healthcare, automobile, interactive displays and many others can be erected on top of the planned solution. Solution usage in gesture recognition has various types like:

  • Automobile
  • Video security
  • Analytics
  • Healthcare aid


The end user is now stirring forward towards an entirely new path of human-machine communication and this creates a petition for empowering gesture recognition in every facade of the market. One can think across the boundary to use the solution in video-based gesture recognition tender.

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