Selecting a payment integration/gateway partner is an imperative assessment. They are called as partners for a reason; the one you choose who needs to be capitalized in your shared client’s achievement and contentment. When it comes to choosing the right payment integration partner, keep the subsequent points in mind –


Not all APIs are created equal. It is vital to have an API that not only meets the requirements of your business and your patrons but that is an easy way for your developers to work with. An API that has an unswerving code structure, blunder messaging and malleable integration capabilities makes for an easy integration.

Revenue share

A fair, lucrative revenue share program gives you a percentage of the net revenue generated from your referred clients, which upsurges as total processing volume grows. Ask if the integration partner bids revenue shares on terminals as well, if the client needs outmoded terminals for in-store transactions in addition to processing payments through assimilation. Along with this, enticements, recompense and uncapped revenue share are also offered by some integration partners.

PCI compliance

Your clients have sufficient on their plates without distressing about PCI compliance. Since compliance is not legally authorized, non-compliance involves consequences, fees, and in unembellished cases it is account termination. Look for an integration partner that decreases your client’s obligation for PCI compliance, ensures every transaction is encoded and firmly stores subtle credit card information.


Normally, a merchant account provider can offer you lower, more modest pricing than the fixed rates offered by aggregators and it is seen that lower rates fascinate more clients. Additionally, through the partnership, most integration partners will offer favored pricing for your raised clients. In addition to this, there are some other sub-sectors which are equally important such as:

  • Support – Which deals with technical complications and it provides a swift 24/7 assistance.
  • Smooth onboarding process – It deals with quick and seamless payment processes.
  • Reporting – It helps to route payments through the mobile app or insert a card reader into the aural jack of the mobile device to receive credit card payments anyplace and anytime.

Summing it up –

A payment transaction is simplified by a payment gateway/integration by the transfer of information between a payment porch, such as, website, mobile phones or collaborating voice response services and the front end processor or obtaining bank.

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