E-cigarettes = A safer alternative!

E-cigarettes are real-time innovative! They are battery-powered devices that deliver nicotine by heating an e-liquid and it is commonly known as Vaping. It has gained substantial fame, especially as more information emerges amongst the younger generation regarding the hostile health effects of conventional cigarettes. Despite the increasing research, the potential health effects of e-cigarette vapor are largely unknown. Just to add – as vaping is getting popular across the world, a new study from Respiratory Research shows that irrespective of the flavor, vaping does less damage to the lungs than conventional smoking.

E-cigarette vapor and critical lung function

It has been witnessed that the vapor of e-cigarette does not affect the capability of surfactant to decrease surface tension. In comparison with this, conventional cigarettes considerably repressed the ability of surfactant to lessen the surface tension upon compression. This describes that e-cigarettes had vaporization but not burning and that is the major reason why they do not affect the lungs or the body.

E-cigarettes are less disruptive than conventional smoking

E-cigarette vapor does not modify the ability of surfactant to reduce the surface tension, but it surely affects its microstructure. Since e-cigarettes are expressively less disruptive to surfactant compared to conventional cigarettes, the perceived dearth of changes in surfactant function after revelation to e-cigarette vapor should not be superficial as a lack of pulmonary toxicity. It is still not known if e-cigarette might affect surfactant production by cells or its secretion. Wide-ranging studies on the effects of e-cigarette vapor on surfactant production, secretion, and function are required to provide a better indulgent of the pulmonary toxicity of e-cigarettes.

It is said that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes. So, now the choice is yours!

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