Oppo’s R&D is on a great hike!

On Thursday, Chinese handset maker Oppo announced that it will invest 10 billion Yuan, which is around $1.43 billion in Research and Development (R&D) across its global markets in the coming year, 2019. This company will assimilate its supply chain and form its technical SMEs to augment its technological capabilities with the increase in the R&D investment. The founder and CEO of Oppo, Tony Chen has announced at its technology-focused “Oppo Technology Exhibition 2018” by claiming that – a rise in the R&D spending to 10 billion Yuan in 2019, which is almost 150 percent year-on-year (YoY) upsurge wherein the company would be constant in increasing investment on a yearly basis.

Since 5G is a trend that every smartphone manufacturer is trying to embrace, Oppo is striving to become the first ever manufacturer to launch the 5G handsets. Chen also said, “The exploration and opportunities of Oppo’s application in the 5G+ era will regulate the power and value of 5G”. He also said that, in the near future, Oppo will completely integrate 5G along with its user insights and applications and will continue to bring the new revolutions and provide the users with opportune and seamless experiences.

Being one of the top-notched smartphone manufacturers, the company is planning on to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to expand the range of smart devices, which includes smartwatches and smart home technologies, for the people to explore and meet even more rigid demand and requirements of the consumers in the age of Internet of Things (IoT).

“In the coming future, i.e., 2019, Oppo will fully incorporate technological innovation with art and humanity, to advance the smart devices and smart homes with the smartphone at their essential,” Chen said. The smartphone player established its 5G team in 2015 and initiated R&D at the commencement of 5G standards.


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