Autonomous vehicles have the potential to dislocate the whole knowledge that we hold about driving. At the 2017 Consumer and Electronics Show (CES), it was claimed that there was no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ autonomous vehicles will convert as a part of our daily lives. There is no need for the steering wheel, accelerators or brake pedals because the interior of a car becomes an outright opus.

Now a question arises – How will companies contour this canvas while keeping the user at the forefront?

For an instance, ruminate a passenger who wanted to work on their commute and a car would be modified into an office space with a desk and internet connection. Now, imagine a car that could offer features like a pressure chair or a big TV screen. And if it is the case of ridesharing, a dissimilar car could be called to fit the user’s mood. The car has a possibility to become a ‘third-space’, which can be used more than one way to get to your desired destination.

Understanding the type of experience consumers want –

There are numerous methods that designers and user researchers have in their toolkit to help manufacturers comprehend the type of proficiencies consumers will want from autonomous vehicles.

Ethnographic interviews and Drive-along help us get a clear vision and cognize the current driving experience. But ethnography comprises of perceiving what people actually do in real. We cannot directly observe autonomous driving, so we must try engaging more of future intensive methods. Design exercises can be accompanied during the discussions to draw out what autonomous driving might look on retreats, weekend errands and the morning travel. Lastly, we can conduct co-creation assemblies in which participants disclose their covert wants and desires for autonomous driving by essentially creating an autonomous car interior.


Stand apart, as the scene evolves –

Manufacturers who are able to create extraordinary in-car proficiencies will stand apart as the autonomous vehicle landscape evolves. The first step to deliver exceptional consumer experiences is comprehending what consumers anticipate and requisite and most significantly, how they should be delivered.

But the interrogation here is –

Which auto manufacturer will be the first to get it right?


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