Organizations that set resolutions concerning about their next steps, are assuredly going to gain a massive advantage from competitive intelligence services. All of these facilities can be availed from an extensive array of sources. Creativity ultimately refers to “finding the specific sources” which is a decisive task. The internet has a surfeit of tools which can be cast-off for competitive intelligence. This helps in making the job faster and easier to a great extent.

Here are some of the internet sources for the tenacity of competitive intelligence:

  • LinkedIn membership – LinkedIn transpires to be one of the well distinguished social media tools these days as gaining professional knowledge is very easy and fast. Businesses have advanced a lot with LinkedIn. It leads a wide number of breadcrumbs on LinkedIn regarding the edifice of an organization. The services deliberate a high level of details as to who are the competitor’s employees and how are they interrelating structurally.


  • Yahoo’s Flickr – Yahoo’s Flickr, another trend, which plays an essential role in offering good competitive services and ensues to be another source of Internet. A number of employees from different businesses, with an eye for detail, favor Flickr to upload internal images. It thus, entails exaggerated labor for finding and repossessing the same.


  • Personal or corporate accounts on Twitter – Twitter is renowned as one of the most integral cradle of competitive intelligence services. Twitter accounts that belong to the competitors directly or to anyone else, are the ones who offer a plethora of data. With the aid, competitive intelligence happens to be transitory. Additionally, it needs to be scrutinized carefully.


  • Online mapping tools – Gone are the days when visiting the websites of any competitors used to be a criterion. Popular web maps such as Bing and Google are known for convening all the information online. These online mapping services are used for acquiring better metaphors and helps in bringing about an enhancement in the slides that are present in competitive intelligence that are interrogated with the help of map images.


  • YouTube – YouTube is categorized as one of the operative tools for competitive intelligence in contrast to outmoded resources, as video content will be essential for viewing or listening to in a manual way. However, this should not stop the forecasters to explore the information provided on YouTube. All these videos are acknowledged to be a hypothetically valuable source of acumens into the thinking of competitor. They are also beneficial for close-fitting all the information regarding the newest marketing activities. It is said that, YouTube comprises a surplus of content and you can find any type of information you want. If you are looking for some cradles of competitive intelligence, you can discover them on YouTube.

Competitive intelligence has become a requisite part of any business these days. You can acquire a lot of information, with regards to the different facets of the business by procuring the services of competitive intelligence.



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