Give a huge hug to Transactional Emails!

The most imperative type of an email that any organization sends is their transactional email, which is more in number than bulk emails or marketing campaigns. If we have to outline transactional email in the simplest way – It is a one to one email based on a transaction. You buy something, you get an email; you reset a password, you get an email; you book a flight and you get several emails; you read this blog and you get an email. (Well, not the last one but you surely got the point).

Transactional emails are not the stimulating ones in the email world, but they are extremely significant because they give a confirmation to the end user about their action that has been taken or not taken in case of any deceitful activity. Having a strong email provider is a must for any app developer, E-commerce Company, financial institution or any firm that needs transactional emails to be delivered.

If you are looking forward to any primary or secondary email service providers for all your transactional emails, here are few things to consider and ask –

  • IP Configurations – Keeping your volume into consideration, you will either send the emails through a shared IP range with other sender or your own dedicated IPs. If you have a two-sided option try combining transactional mail with bulk mail through the same IPs, which might actually be beneficial depending on your volume and reputation.
  • Reporting Statistics – Getting insights on the basics like opens and clicks are very important. Naturally, transactional email has an enormous open rate and confirming that is obviously essential as it has the knack to visually approve the consistent sending volumes and bounces.
  • Ease of Sending – You should be able to easily connect and send emails through your provider and have numerous options in which you could do such as SMTP, API. There shouldn’t be any interruption in sending as transactional email flows 24/7 based on the need to send it.

If you are sending the transactional emails through a provider that is meeting your requirements and getting these all-too-important emails into the inbox, then you are the ‘HERO’.

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